History, art & architecture side by side

To describe Hydra in a few words is not an easy task. Hydra is a one-of-a-kind island. It blends history, art, architecture and the freedom of walking around without worrying about cars or traffic.

It is an island full of history as it played a major role in the Greek War of Independence and has historical mansions of great leaders such as Lazaros Koudouriotis.

It’s an island where famous celebrities walk around as if they are locals. International music icon Leonard Cohen has a house in an upper area of Hydra and tourists visit it every day. Other famous artists hold exhibitions in the summer that attract hundreds of people from around the world.

It’s a place people keep on visiting because each time they discover a side of it they didn’t know existed. Staying at Nesea apartments will give you the flexibility to wander around and discover all of the island’s hidden treasures yourself.