Miaoulia is an annual festival held on Hydra at the end of June. It is dedicated to the warriors of the Greek War of Independence which were led by admiral Andreas Miaoulis. The celebrations include exhibitions, martial arts and dance performances followed by a reenactment of the burning of the Turkish flagship. It’s a splendid week-long festival when the island is at its best.  


Hydra is a magnet for destination weddings and honeymoons. It offers mesmerizing sunsets, stunning photo-shooting locations and exceptional wedding venues with delicious menus. The warm weather from April until October creates plenty of opportunities for couples to plan a lavish weekend wedding, a simple intimate nuptial or a romantic honeymoon. There are many options and people available to help you plan each detail and to make sure you and your guests have an unforgettable experience.


Easter is the most important religious festival for the Greek Orthodox. On Hydra, it’s celebrated with age-old traditions that people from around the world come to see. On Holy Friday, at the small harbor of Kamini, people follow the priests and chant psalms while men hold the epitaph and slowly walk into the sea to bless the waters for all seamen. On Holy Saturday midnight, the resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated followed by Sunday’s feast of traditional roasted lamb on a spit, the burning of Judas on the port and a colorful display of fireworks that light up the island.


Since 2014, Hydra organizes an annual mountain trail running event. It is a weekend event at the beginning of April that includes the only downhill race in Greece, a marathon and even smaller junior routes for children to enjoy. Hydra’s Trail Event has set the bar high for many mountain trail events and lots of renowned athletes come to participate. If you love nature and enjoy mountain running, then this event is the perfect opportunity for you to visit Hydra and discover the island.